Sell Your Artwork - Responsibly!

Change2neutral offer a responsible drop-ship service to artists
This means that you, as an artist, can offer your own designs printed on various clothes and bags. You advertise and offer the products to your buyers - we take care of everything else! You do not need to keep an inventory of products. We simply make and ship orders as they are placed.

Can anyone sell on change2neutral?
Yes! We make selling your art, printed responsibly on garments, simple - on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags and soon caps! Make your designs available for sale on your website or social media platform. When you sell a product, we'll produce it, package it in a zero plastic cardboard box, and ship it for you, so that you can focus on making more art!

Do I need to be an artist to sell on change2neutral?
No. Anyone can sell one or more products on change2neutral. You however need to be the owner of the design copyright. Even private persons can have one or more products custom made.

How much do I get for my artwork sold on change2neutral? Commercial companies will typically pay an artist just 10% of every sale. These big companies typically also have investors that have invested in them for a return of profit. Change2neutral, however, is an indie business and as we do not need to pay returns to investors, we can share a bigger slice of the cake with the artists - typically 25-30% of each sale. Being an indie business, we definitely want to keep the natural environment impact to an absolute minimum, and the Fairtrade idea alive - from the cotton field, the farmer, to the artist, to the end buyer of these responsible products.

How and when do I get paid?
Artist earnings are paid via PayPal on the first business day of each month and credited 30 days after the last day of each month. This is to ensure that the sale has been completed (no returns, no exchange, etc) and paid in full by the customer.

How do I know when a product has been sold?
You will receive a copy of the order confirmation with pertaining details by email.