Change2neutral is an indie business - i.e. we are independent. We have no investors, requiring a return on their investments and therefore we completely set our own standards and rules of business. In short our rules are; do things the right way for our natural world, the environment and the climate, while also providing clean, fair and decent conditions throughout the production to the consumer. Period! Non-negotiable!

Facing the fact that an ever increasing human population will obviously require clothes on their bodies, we do not promote fast fashion and do not support or observe discounted, commercial consumer events like, for instance, Black Friday, Valentines or Christmas.

We only offer natural fiber products. We do not offer synthetic products of nylon and/or polyester.

We want to provide products that has the least negative impact on our precious natural world, the environment and the climate and humans wearing them. This also include fair human working conditions for those that produce and handle our products and fair commissions for the artists we work with. Obviously shipping and processing is based on renewable energy resources, to have the least possible CO2 impact.

Therefore all our products are guaranteed and certified 100% organic and, where applicable, Fairtrade. They are sourced only from the most sustainable and responsible producers.

Shipping is done only in locally sourced, recycled and certified cardboard boxes with a self-lock system that does not use any chemically based glue or plastic tape. We do in no way support the unnecessary use of plastic in production, handling or shipping. Shipping boxes may be sealed by a natural 100% biodegradable cellulose based glue.

Our state-of-the-art DTG (Direct To Garment) prints are based on ink with Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex, to ensure the best available level of printing quality and sustainability.

The products we offer adhere to most or all of these standards and certifications (click links to read more):

All printing and processing at change2neutral is done entirely using renewable wind energy.